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Improve Your Clinical, Operational & Financial Anesthesia Processes with a
Fully-Integrated Patient Monitoring System

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Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction Leads to Better Decisions

Effective monitoring of patient satisfaction levels is essential to decision making. Consistent updates help you make the most educated decisions. The ability to view patient data and review patient comments leads to a fuller view of the process. Improve your anesthesia process with an effective patient monitoring system.

“Without measurement we cannot improve.”

Richard P. Dutton, M.D., M.B.A., Executive Director of the Anesthesia Quality Institute

Anesthesia Billing Software: Automated Remittance Processing

Posting the details of insurance payments to a patient ledger might not seem like such a significant aspect of Accounts Receivable management, but it is actually trickier than many would suppose. Not only must all payments be identified and applied to the proper account, reliable payment assessment requires that we also capture the details of the allowable, deductibles still due and patient co-payment responsibilities. Large bulk payments can be time-consuming and problematic to review manually. Automated remittance process greatly expedites payment posting and significantly increases the accuracy of the result.

While it is true that not all commercial payors provide electronic remittance advices, all public payors and most major plans do. As is true of any other type of interface, the technical requirements can be complex and subject to modification without notice. Our anesthesia billing software, First Anesthesia, was specifically designed to accommodate this invaluable option. Our in-house programming team ensures that each payor’s specifications are met for optimum efficiency and effectiveness.