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F1RSTAnalytics Anesthesia Accounts Receivable (AR) Dashboard

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F1RSTAnalytics – Accounts Receivable Dashboard

How Smooth is Your Revenue Cycle?

In healthcare where the revenue cycle or “Days in AR” typically runs on average in the 30-60 day period means that you have to do everything you can to ensure that the cash flow continues. The key to success is to stay focused all the way along the revenue cycle from the first minute the procedure begins, through each step in the process. But how do you where your challenges with the revenue cycle exist? You didn’t, until now.

The F1RSTAnalytics - Accounts Receivable (AR) Dashboard helps you quickly understand where you may have issues with your AR.

The AR Dashboard has a set of measures that is designed specifically for an Anesthesia practice. At a glance, the Dashboard tells you what you need to know about your where revenue is generated and how throughout your business. It gives you the insight into revenue generated by facility, by reporting class, by provider, and even by procedure. The AR Dashboard gives you the tools and the capabilities to quickly and easily see trends, how you’re doing year over year, giving you actionable insight. From the Dashboard, a set of performance reports gives you the drill-down into the detailed data if need further investigation is needed.

F1RSTAnalytics is a suite of dashboards and reports that give you the knowledge you need to operate your anesthesia practice as an effective clinical organization and successful business. Actionable insight when you need it.

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F1RSTAnalytics - Accounts Receivable (AR) Dashboard
Helps you quickly understand where you may have issues with your AR. Available now.

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F1RSTAnalytics - Comparative Benchmarks Solution
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F1RSTAnalytics – The information you need, provided in a way you can use it.
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