Coding Education

With changing guidelines and new technology, physicians face new learning curves every day. Anesthesia Business Consultants takes pride in keeping our clients educated and informed.


Anesthesia-specific ICD-10 Documentation Application

Unlike other apps in the industry that are not specialty-specific, F1RSTCode assists anesthesia providers in understanding documentation requirements without burdening them by requiring a search through the entire ICD-10 code sequence. With the changes in place under ICD-10, this unique tool will help clarify those tricky questions about how much detail to include in the diagnosis so coders may determine a specific, acceptable and appropriate code.

In a very logical and intuitive way, F1RSTCode takes you from the surgical procedure through the logic of ICD-10. It not only provides invaluable guidance for documenting the diagnosis, but will also provide a framework for discussing the post-operative diagnosis with the surgeon during the post-op time out.

Currently, F1RSTCode is web-based. Depending on client use, interest and feedback, ABC looks to migrate the application to a mobile environment in 2016. Unlike any of the other coding tools available to providers, this tool provides a direct link to ABC coding and will evolve and expand based on ABC’s clients' needs.