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OneSource Anesthesia Supports Patient Monitoring
Through its Partnership with AlertWatch

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Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring Allows Access To More Information

Patient monitoring is integral to effective decision making. The ability to quickly assess a patient's condition provides valuable time to make prompt decision to ensure quality care for your patient. OneSourceAnesthesia supports patient monitoring through its partnership with AlertWatch.

What if Patient Monitoring Were More Intuitive?

Information—When and How You Need It.

Modern electronic medical record systems are great repositories for pain management patient information. What they struggle with is displaying that same information in a meaningful and contextual way during a case.

Patient Monitoring Software That Simplifies the Delivery of Complex Care.

AlertWatch aggregates data from monitoring, management, H & P, and lab systems. It then analyzes and displays that data in an intuitive patient-centric view, as shown below.

In this example, the airway, kidney and liver risk factors are clearly indicated in orange, along with marginal MAC and I/O balance levels, and abnormal creatine labs. Alerts, on the right side, highlight critical information focused on preventing specific adverse events. AlertWatch also includes a census view for clinicians that are overseeing multiple cases.

AlertWatch has been shown to improve responsiveness across a variety of critical intraoperative situations. And because it works with all of your existing software and hardware, installation is very straightforward.

Please visit to learn more about AlertWatch, the future of patient monitoring.