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Anesthesia Billing Software: Client Web Portal

The conventional anesthesia medical billing industry perspective always held that cash is king. This belief and focus continues to inspire the ongoing review and refinement of ABC’s processes. Management is always looking for ways to optimize cash flow, minimize compliance risks and help the practice identify new revenue opportunities for the organization. The problem is, this is no longer enough to ensure survival and success in an increasingly complex and dynamic market for healthcare services. Business intelligence is the new market imperative. Just as anesthesia providers rely on their monitors to make clinical decisions in a matter of seconds in the operating room, so too, anesthesia practice managers must have ready access to production and performance data to make strategic decisions in the board room.

ABC offers its clients a web portal with three basic functions. The portal allows members of the practice to view and download monthly management reports as soon as they are produced. It also permits the viewing of individual patient accounts. A special feature even provides on-line access to the company’s dataware house, an option that allows for unlimited manipulation and analysis of all the details of the practice.

As is true of any powerful management tool, some orientation and training will be required for key members of a practice or their administrative staff to fully realize the potential of this powerful technology. Typically, a new client will want to wait a few months until the repository of data contains enough information for meaningful trend and pattern assessment. Usually by the fourth or fifth month astute data managers are already making critical management decisions based on insights they have gained from their own review of the data in the warehouse.