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Anesthesia Billing Software: Patient Demographic Interfaces

Every hospital captures patient demographics in a slightly different way. Variability and inconsistencies in the information itself can create significant challenges to the timely and accurate submission of anesthesia claims. Unlike office-based specialties, hospital-based specialists have very limited resources and options to verify patient insurance and coverage information.

Not only does ABC have extensive experience setting up patient demographic interfaces with every commonly used hospital information system, but our anesthesia billing software, First Anesthesia, provides interface verification and scrubbing to ensure information downloaded for billing is more reliable and useful. This is critical to consistent claims submission. It also allows ABC staff to identify demographic omissions and errors faster so they can be resolved before the claim is submitted, rather than waiting for the costly denial after the fact.

ABC is also able to establish remote access to the hospital information system to ensure updates to the initial information can be obtained when necessary. Such tools also allow us to print anesthesia records and other key pieces of the chart without involving hospital staff.

Any medical practice with an exclusive contract with a facility and certainly any practice that receives financial support should realize the value of such connectivity. Timely and accurate claims submission should never be a rate-limiting step to a practice’s financial management. With ABC’s powerful arsenal of anesthesia billing software and interface tools, it doesn’t have to be.