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Fall 2010

ABC Partners with ePREOP

Anesthesia Business Consultants, LLC (ABC) has entered into a partnership with ePREOPTM Integrated Preoperative Services. ePREOP is a revolutionary software system designed by anesthesiologists who want to ensure that the right pre- anesthesia tests are ordered and the correct patient instructions are given for each procedure. The software also facilitates the transfer of patient data between parties. This eliminates duplicate interviews and data entry requirements. A standardized mobile anesthesia preoperative evaluation form is available that allows timely access and completion of the record. It also provides an anesthesiologist with the ability to capture and track quality measures. ePREOP helps anesthesia groups secure their standing with their contracting institution by improving outcomes and eliminating waste.

Using a web-based platform, ePREOP is specifically intended to bridge the gap between the surgeon’s office and the surgical facility. ePREOP interfaces with various electronic health records like Google Health, Allscripts, and HealthVault. The software’s algorithms are based on a large,viewable database of peer-reviewed articles on preoperative testing from the anesthesia and surgical literature. The program analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points and delivers preoperative clinical guidelines tailored to the individual patient. These recommendations can significantly improve postoperative outcomes, decrease case delays and cancellations, and reduce wasteful spending.

ePREOP allows for a seamless transfer of patient data between parties — surgeon, anesthesiologist and hospital or surgery center — and eliminates the need for duplicate patient interviews. When an existing electronic health record is not in use, ePREOP creates a stand-alone preoperative EHR that is accessible from an electronic kiosk, iPad, or other computer, even one in the patient’s home. The patient data go directly to the surgical facility along with lab recommendations and results.

ePREOP, the company, was founded by a team of independent, board-certified physicians. As the delivery of healthcare services becomes increasingly complex, ePREOP, provides a service that simplifies the communication between patients and the multiple physicians and hospital staff that will be involved throughout any surgical experience. Among the most immediate, measurable clinical and cost saving benefits is the invaluable opportunity for customers to demonstrate their value by increasing OR efficiency and quality of care within their institutions.

For further information, visit, or contact:, or visit the ABC exhibit at the ASA Annual Meeting in San Diego, where ePREOP will be on display.