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May 23, 2018

Anesthesia Business Consultants is pleased to announce that its newest tool, F1RSTCred, is available for clients.  F1RSTCred is a physician credentialing and provider enrollment tool.


ABC’s F1RSTCred proprietary software streamlines the tedious process of physician credentialing by maintaining a secure database to house client data and forms.  Uploaded documents are available at the touch of a button, along with a built-in tracking system for expiration dates on certifications, licenses, etc., utilizing automated alerts, workflows and follow-up indicators.

F1RSTCred also works to secure provider participation by enrolling clients to contract with various insurance networks, allowing auto-population of pre-mapped insurance applications utilizing built-in provider profiles, including the standardized processes that government agencies (i.e., Medicaid and Medicare, among others) use.

ABC submits, on behalf of its clients, health plan applications and the associated documentation.  F1RSTCred’s integrated dashboard provides insight of the overall picture as well as status updates on pending/completed requests.  It maintains the extensive documentation, eliminates confusion and provides regular follow-up with insurance companies until the credentialing and contracting processes are finalized.

F1RSTCred makes the physician credentialing and provider enrollment processes much more efficient.  It allows access to client data and forms in one location via a secure database.  It also provides secure role-based access for users and departments to manage and view provider information. Physicians can fill in their data using the pre-mapped process without worry of over-writing credentialing work already in progress.  This helpful tool streamlines what used to be a very time- and labor-intensive process, resulting in greater efficiencies and the ability to quickly and easily pull reports and data.  F1RSTCred: physician credentialing and provider enrollment made easy.