How Efficient is Your Practice?

Facility Productivity Dashboard

The Facility Productivity Dashboard helps you focus on production for each of your facilities. As a part of the Productivity Suite, this dashboard provides perspective into your day shift’s average production for average billed hours per room, average number of cases, average number of units and your productivity percentage with the data displayed on a per day of the week basis. The Facility Productivity Dashboard also spreads your billed hours by hour for the combined shift or by individual day of the week. Whether you’re looking at a facility, an area or a single operating room, at a glance the Facility Productivity Dashboard gives you detailed insight down to each hour of your defined shift.

The Facility Productivity Dashboard also provides some “what-if” capabilities to change the number of rooms in use for both current and prior year data on both the “by facility” and “by area facility” tabs. Changing the number of room adjusts the average billed hours, cases, units and productivity percentage to give a sense what would be different if conditions changed.



F1RSTAnalytics is a suite of dashboards and reports that give you the knowledge you need to operate your anesthesia practice as an effective clinical organization and successful business. Actionable insight when you need it.

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