F1RSTProfessional Liability

Anesthesia Business Consultants (ABC) has formed F1RSTProfessional Liability to provide malpractice insurance solutions to its clients nationwide. ABC serves a large number of anesthesiologists throughout the country and has taken advantage of this scale to capture the inherent purchasing power of a large group. That provides significant value to its clients.

National Structure

F1RSTProfessional Liability is a national Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) that allows members to purchase insurance. Forming an RPG is the only method by which physicians can collectively purchase malpractice on a national scale. The RPG negotiates with an underwriting company who provides the insurance, in our case PPIC.

Superior Strength and Security

Through F1RSTProfessional Liability our physician clients now have the opportunity to use group purchasing to obtain better rates for professional liability insurance through Arthur J. Gallagher (Gallagher) and PPIC, a Coverys company (PPIC®). Coverys is the sixth largest malpractice insurer in the nation. The 2016 A.M. Best Ratings of PPIC is A- (Excellent) which has been affirmed for the eighth consecutive year. Gallagher is the nation’s fourth largest insurance broker and the largest broker of physician’s medical liability insurance. Together, they provide strong backing to F1RSTProfessional Liability.

Further, PPIC operates as an admitted company in all fifty states. That provides clients of F1RSTProfessional Liability with the assurance of all of the regulatory protections in each state where it insures physicians.

Competitive Pricing

F1RSTProfessional Liability provides competitive pricing with increasing discounts over time, as well as cost-free continuing education and risk management services. In addition to cost savings and value added services, group purchasing provides long term stability against fluctuating market forces.

The F1RSTProfessional Liability team of PPIC and Gallagher was created to build a program tailored for ABC combining preferred pricing and a user friendly application process. Together they advise ABC’s F1RSTProfessional Liability on the best options for insuring physicians.

Broad Coverage Options

The insurance program offers primary professional liability insurance at individual limits of $1,000,000 each medical incident/$3,000,000 annual aggregate. The coverage provided is the same broad policy PPIC offers nationally and is comparable to others provided in the market. Higher limits are available on request.

F1RSTProfessional Liability will provide claims-made coverage. Tail coverage is free in the event your coverage under the program terminates because of: (1) your death; or (2) permanent and total disability; or (3) because you retire and you have five or more consecutive years of participation.

Additionally, prior acts coverage may be available from PPIC as long as you have maintained coverage from another acceptable insurer and meet the underwriting guidelines. Finally, coverage is available for professional corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.

Additional Benefits

There are additional benefits to participating with F1RSTProfessional Liability that include loss mitigation and clinic education programs. Both PPIC’s and the Coverys Risk Management webpage are a 24/7 resource for physicians to access no-cost CME, locate practice tools, and information on clinical assessments and practice management resource, and processes to reduce or mitigate patient exposure to injury and provider exposure to litigation.


To learn if you qualify for lower rates contact Christine Patterson or click to view our FAQ and Program Summary documents