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A Self-Diagnostic for High-Performing Anesthesia Group Leaders

Although the editor, bless her heart, steadfastly refused to let me have a sneak, pre-publication peek at the other articles that appear alongside this one, my educated guess is that each of them purports to give you answers.I know that's why you usually read Communiqué. In fact, nearly every one of the hundreds of other articles that I've written ...
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What is Your Value Proposition? Is Your Practice the Steak or the Sizzle?

Anesthesia is the quintessential service specialty. Establishing and maintaining a consistently strong  relationship with a hospital, a clinic or an ASC is no easier for an anesthesia group practice than for any other type of service provider, be it car mechanic, internet provider or hair stylist; today’s medical consumers know they have options that give them leverage in demanding services and loyalty. For too many anesthesia practices this is a relatively new and somewhat disconcerting state of affairs. Anesthesia vulnerability to replacement has grown in direct proportion to the amount of financial support provided by the facility; practices that receive no subsidy support clearly have the strongest support, at least to the extent that they provide quality care. Competition for anesthesia contracts has ushered in a new era of service expectations and changed the perception of the role of the specialty in the facility. Quite simply consistently good outcomes are simply...
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