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Michael R. Hicks, MD, MBA, MHCM, FACHE

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Michael R. Hicks, MD, MBA, MHCM, FACHE is a physician executive based in Dallas, Texas. He leads the anesthesia division of a national physician practice management firm as well as managing a large regional physician-owned anesthesia practice. In addition Dr. Hicks is a consultant for a national hospital and ambulatory surgery center company. He can be reached at

A New Approach to Anesthesiology and Health Care System Safety: High Reliability Organizing (HRO)

  Clinicians in the specialty of anesthesiology have much for which we should be proud. Advances in our specialty have made the anesthetic experience both safer and more convenient even as we have advanced the care of our patients both in terms of who can safely receive anesthesia and where it is delivered. In fact, the rest of medicine and health care generally views us as pioneers in the patient safety movement. Anesthesiology blazed the patient safety trail utilizing a variety of approaches: prudent adoption of improved technology, advances in pharmacology, advanced monitoring techniques, adoption of clinical practice guidelines and standards and by adopting some basic system theory and team-based behavioral principles and models to name just a few. Today, patients with even significant underlying health issues have higher expectations of successful surgical experiences than was thought possible a generation ago. These advances, embraced by us and persistent in our application,...
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Successfully Competing In Anesthesia Services Today

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with anesthesia residents and faculty at a well-known progressive academic anesthesiology department. Opportunities like this are among the high points of my professional life because I invariably know more when I leave these presentations than when I arrive. This time was no different. My recent professional focus has been on working with hospitals and health systems to identify workflow enhancements and quality improvement initiatives to streamline care delivery and deliver greater total value. On a more theoretical level, I have been identifying and developing novel ways to produce comparable or better perioperative medical care in terms of price, quality, and service by using nontraditional processes or clinicians in nontraditional ways. With few exceptions, however, these latter efforts fall mainly into what one would call product development—showing promise but not yet ready for prime time. The topic, then, for this visit was the role of...
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Disruption and the Theory of the Anesthesia Business

The anesthesia business, regardless of whether one chooses to define it as the practice of medicine, nursing, or some hybrid, is in the midst of upheaval. Increasing market consolidation, mergers, acquisitions and introduction of private equity funding have made the business of managing anesthesia delivery services increasingly complex. Bear in mind that delivering anesthesia and managing the delivery of anesthesia services are two very different things. Our unparalleled improvements in patient safety, quality, and, ultimately, morbidity and mortality make us justifiably proud of the specialty’s success and the envy of the rest of health care. One would think that this remarkable history of clinical success would provide stability for the business side of anesthesia practice. After all, the clinical product that we provide is orders of magnitude safer than when I entered the specialty 25 years ago. If anything, however, I believe our advances have actually laid the foundation for the...
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