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Jump Start Your Preoperative Evaluation


ePREOP provides an easy to use web-based Preoperative Evaluation form. This form is completed by the patient or RN and is used to generate the Patient History portion of the preoperative evaluation. The anesthesiologist has the ability to view this patient history prior to the time of surgery. The anesthesiologist can review the night before and ensure all appropriate studies have been conducted. This not only prepares the anesthesiologist, but also may help avoid any case delays or cancellations.

When a hospital or outpatient center uses ePREOP they save significant money on improved DRG reimbursements, fewer case delays/cancellations and time saved on interviews and data entry. An anesthesia group using ePREOP is bringing significant value to their hospital or outpatient center. Annual revenue increases can be in the $millions.

ePREOP's web-based technology is accessible on a PC, iPad and most mobile devices. The anesthesiologist can view a patient profile, indicate the review is complete and finish the preoperative evaluation. The completed preoperative evaluation can be stored, printed, or sent into an existing EHR in any standard format.

ABC clients receive special pricing discounts on ePREOP. ABC clients will also be able to submit their billing electronically in the upcoming months. This eliminates the hassle of submitting multiple paper records and increases speed toward payment.

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