Anesthesia Billing and Practice Management Software

The OneSourceAnesthesia mobile architecture delivers on the promise of integrated electronic anesthesia records without the need for anesthesia practices to be experts at medical systems integration. Whether using the entire OneSourceAnesthesia platform or combining it with existing hospital systems, OneSourceAnesthesia makes it easy for anesthesia practices to ensure they have all the data they need to run their practices and be balanced partners with the hospitals they serve.

The OneSourceAnesthesia Platform

OneSourceAnesthesia provides a fully-integrated mobile architecture that does not rely on any fixed hardware. Clinicians can be confident that the software systems supporting their practice are flexible enough to match their operations today and in the future. The only requirement of hospitals is they allow connectivity to standard Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT) and scheduling interfaces. More


A fully integrated management solution that does not rely on any fixed hardware. More

Patient Portal

Anesthesia teams can get a jump start on the Preoperative Evaluation with the Patient Portal. More

Electronic Medical Records

Today's clinical and regulatory environment demand robust documentation technology. More

Post Operative Quality

Clinical documentation alone is not enough to run an anesthesia practice. More

Call Scheduling

Easily and efficiently track, manage and create schedules. More

Patient Satisfaction

Access to patient data and knowledge of their perspectives leads to a clearer understanding of the process. More

Patient Monitoring

A quick way to view critical patient information. More

Meaningful Use

Use ABC's new F1RSTUse to attest to meaningful use. More